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Preface Of The Problem



Men and women in a relationship have common needs.  We both want to feel loved and cared for by our spouse.

But there’s a specific thing that men need in a relationship:

Men need to feel useful.

Men are judged on what they can do, what they achieve, what value they bring.

Their self esteem is highly linked to being of service to you, the family and their immediate environment.

Their self worth comes from the ability to solve problems, be resourceful and make things work.  

Hence the constant reminder of their failure to do the above hits them hard.

Wives want their husbands to be happy.  We want them to be themselves to bring their best, but often times, the way communication and feedback is received makes them retreat rather than advance.

Of course he’s done things (or hasn’t) that needed to be called out.  He’s probably said things and acted ways that has been hurtful to you too, but here’s the kicker:

In order for a man to thrive in a marriage, he needs your support to bring out his best.  With your support, he’ll be begin to see your worth that you bring into his life and he’ll automatically WANT TO embrace you and love you.

There are three steps that you must follow, if you want to win him back and be the woman he craves and wants.

Follow these steps to fix your marriage….