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What’s Your Current Situation?



What are you dealing with right now?  Here are some common situations women face:

  • Separation or potential separation
  • Sex is non existent
  • The aftermath of an affair
  • He pays little attention to you
  • Arguments are common
  • Issues with family and finances

No matter what you’re facing, the common denominator is it’s not a happy marriage anymore.

I know you care about your husband, so you’ve probably tried to make things better.

Have you tried the following?

  • Talking about the problems hoping he would listen and agree to work through the issues….
  • Giving him “space” to figure it out…
  • Tried to do more for the household, even though you’re already exhausted and feel maxed out…
  • Made efforts to look good for him…

If so how’s that working out?

Chances are, your relationship isn’t any better and most likely even worse now.

What’s happening?  Why is it that despite all your efforts in trying to understand him, doing nice things for him, trying to do your best as a wife is he still acting up?

Want to know the what’s going on?

Nothing you do helps anymore, because at the very core of it, he doesn’t feel respected.

Wait what??  Talk about respect?  You’re the one who feels disrespected right?

Yes I know it sounds ironic, so hear me out….

For men to thrive and be happy in a relationship, he needs to FEEL like he’s respected.  Note him being respected and feeling respected are two different things.

If he doesn’t feel respected, he might not realize it, but it causes him to get unsettled, withdrawn and even angry.

The early signs of this are arguments, less intimacy, and less connection with you.

When this continues he’ll try to fill that void outside of the marriage, by spending more time on his work, hobbies, or worse still – other women. 

He’ll block you emotionally, and even give the bombshell that he wants a separation.

So what should you do about it?