I’m Louise Sontair, a marriage and relationship mentor raised in Los Angeles and now residing in the U.K. with my husband and two boys.

Traditional forms of marriage counseling often have low rates of success because there’s one obvious issue that’s never addressed – motivation.

You have one spouse who wants out of the marriage and the other on the receiving end. The one on the receiving end hopes marriage counseling will somehow help the other spouse “reconsider” by talking through their problems with a stranger.

The problem is though, the spouse who wants out attends the counseling because they’re told to. Their heart isn’t in it, they’re not motivated to change anything because they’ve already checked out emotionally.

This is why I’ve dedicated this site to help wives find a better way to revive their struggling marriages.

By changing a few ways of interacting and thinking about your marriage, you’ll be able to make such a profound difference, that your husband will be led to reassess the way he’s been seeing your relationship and will be self-motivated to improve your relationship.

No matter if your struggle is around infidelity, trust issues, communication breakdown, feeling lonely, and being in a cold place – there’s still hope.

There’s a lot of generic information out there (and misinformation) that is plain useless and doesn’t help, because women need specific advice for mending their marriages.

It’s not about being a better listener or doing things to please your partner. It’s understanding our dynamics as women and men coming together, embracing these differences to bring us closer together.

This is why I created the wife’s marriage guide which has already helped hundreds of couples transform their marriage and I know it’ll help you too.

Start reading the guide here and save your marriage today.